Tata Docomo online bill payment

Tata Docomo online bill payment

Tata Docomo online bill payment is one of the worst system I have ever seen online. Well, I resolved the issue by my own. They are using popup to show billing interface. I’m using Google Chrome which blocks popup by default.

To manage popup windows in chrome browser open chrome://settings/search#pop

Click on Content settings.

Under Pop-ups section, click on Manage exceptions.

Add hostname as *.* and make sure it is allowed.

Click Ok and restart the browser.

This will allow all the domains  to open pop-ups.

Now, you can pay tata docomo bill payment online.

Also, they don’t allow to right click on their web page. It’s very funny message which say’s due to security reason we are disabling the right click. But advanced user like hacker may use tools like FireBug or F12 key on chrome. Then what’s the point to disable and warning innocent user with right click on page is disabled due to security reason.

Apart from their web issues, I would recommend you all to use Tata DoCoMo broad band as I’m very happy with their broadband internet service.


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