Temporary disposable email

Temporary disposable email

As title of this post indicates that you need temporary disposable email address.
This post will help you create disposable email addresses. There are possibilities to get
SPAM email on your real email account.

Where can you use your disposable email address?

  1. Purchasing or order information from sites which are unknown to you.
  2. Give fake identity of yourself.
  3. You may want to use website services without giving your real information.
  4. You may fill insecure to give your email address at any website.
  5. Verify the site services before registering your real information.

    Below are those services which offers;

Temporary email address   

Its an email address which gets expired within 60min or when you disconnect from your

  1. You can use your existing yahoo email account to create disposable email address.
  2. You can use online Guerrilla Mail.

Yahoo disposable email address.

1. To create disposable email address you need to login at www.yahoo.com
    After login to yahoo mail click on mail Options found at top of the page.
yahoo mail options
2. At right pane you can see Disposable Email addresses link.
    Click Add Address link as shown in below picture

yahoo add disposable email

3. Now, you can create your disposable email address by putting keyword as shown in below fig.

email settings

4. Save changes and remember your disposable email address.
   The email address is generally starts with prefix of your firstname lastname combination
   and keyword.
5. You can delivery folder where you can receive emails sent to disposable address.
7. You can also set the color flag to email received on particular email address.

Note* You don’t need to create separate login to access those emails. You get those emails right into the inbox or your predefined folder.

Benefits: You can send email using disposable email or you can receive emails on that address.

When you start getting spam on any of your disposable email address, you can simply remove
that email address or throwaway email.

Disposable email service

Online email service like Guerrilla Mail

Once you open the URL you will see following options

online disposable email address

It auto generates email address for you. Click on Forget ME button and set your own email address by entering text. The email address will be valid for 60min. You can extend the session
of email expiry. Give this email to the web site where you want not register your email address.
The site will send you confirmation link and you can see it same interface shown above.
Its very simple to register your fake email address and start using it.
You would not be able to send emails using above online email service.
  Guerrilla email service also provides API interface. You can integrate there service in your application also.
You can also login the their web site using mobile.

Mobile URL: http://www.guerrillamail.com/m/

Remember internet is not secure place to trust anyone. Do some research on websites where you submit the personal information. You can google or bing to get review of websites.
Lots of spammers around the world actively tries to get email addresses via Social Networking
sites like facebook or …

Its up to you, how you can secure your personal information online?

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