Transfer Money using SBI Debit Card To SBI Card Holder From ATM

Transfer Money using SBI Debit Card To SBI Card Holder From ATM

You can transfer money from your ATM card to:

                                                                              1) Another State Bank ATM card (Card to Card or C2C).

2) A Visa branded Credit or Debit card (Visa Money Transfer, VMT).

3) A Master card branded Credit or Debit card (Master Card MoneySend).

How to transfer funds (money):

1) First visit any State Bank ATM centre and insert your ATM card.

2) Select Transfer and enter your ATM card pin.

3) After that select the type of card the recipient has (from the above three types of cards).

4) Then enter the recipient Card number.

5) Re-enter recipients Card numbe.

6) Enter the amount that is to be transferred.

7) Verify the details and then Enter.

Once the transaction is over, you will get a transaction slip including the Card number, transaction number, amount transferred, your account number, date, time and ATM id.


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