Videocon D2H

Videocon D2H

I have recently switched to Videocon D2H HD and reviewed all their functionality. Well, as compared to TataSky I never received any advertising message on TV screen. That’s the major thing I switched to Videocon d2h HD. Vidocon d2h don’t give promotional messages on your TV.

Videocon d2h set top box

  1. Better ergonomic design.
  2. HDMI output.
  3. Led indicator light are pleasant.
  4. Come up with all required cables like HDMI and S-VGA etc.
  5. Single dish can be shared.
  6. Very handy remote with light and easy to grab. (Not too good, can consume lots of battery).
  7. You can change the channels via set top box.
  8. Rounded corner design of set top box.

Videocon d2h online recharge

You can directly visit their website

Login: Register your product and follow the instruction to pay. Login their and customize the channels to subscribe. Internet banking and credit card are the ways to accept payments.You can add or remove the channels or select packages you want to subscribe.

Free Stuff

Videocon D2H channel is free for you even if you don’t recharge or forgot to recharge.

Videocon D2H HD 3D Review

On channel number 999 you can watch 3D content [National geographic channel]. I’m using Sony Bravia LED TV and it’s really very amazing experience. It broadcast Side by Side means real 3D pictures recorded by 2 cameras.


Very simple to navigate channels and other functions. Any one can operate it.

They are the only who provides 22 HD channels, which is the highest number of HD channels in India.


Their logo on all channels looks very very transparent. I give highest rating to it.

Videocon d2h Vs TataSky

This is the best thing I can say all about Videocon d2h HD 3D.


LCD Vs LED Vs (Edge Led) Televisions.


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