Visual Studio Recover Deleted File

Visual Studio Recover Deleted File

Recover Deleted files. Have you deleted any file from visual studio project? Here are trick to recover those deleted files and include it in project. You may have deleted the files accidently and later found that it's important file. If you are using source control like Visual studio team foundation server, you may get the old copy of it from server. However, in case you lost the files on local machine you can recover those files by following tricks.

Recover deleted file from recycle bin.

Do you know all deleted files goes to Recycle bin folder of the system. Just open the recycle bin and find or arrange files by modified dates. Once you see deleted files select them and right click to restore back to original location.

Visual studio Recover deleted files.

How to include existing files in visual studio.

To include existing files in project, right click on project inside solution explorer. Browse the file to include by clicking on Add existing item.

Visual studio add existing items.

Visual studio Recover deleted file using reflector tool.

Before re-building the project, browse the debug folder and find the dll. Drag and drop the dll into reflector tool or open that dll in reflector tool.

Recover project from dll.

In reflector, you can recover all your code and deleted file code. You can’t recover aspx page files using this technique.

Suppose that you don’t have solution except dll how can you work with such a project? It’s very simple just open the dll of project in Reflector and decompile to recover the code and classes from that dll.

It’s one of my faverite tool that every dotnet developer should know.

link to download Reflector: Dotnet Reflector./

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