Web Hosting Providers

Web Hosting Providers

You may be a Entrepreneur, Software Developer or Student or Teacher looking for website to host on server.
Here are quick guidelines to find out best web hosting provider by directly contacting them.

Before continuing further let me tell you types of hosting providers and some terms related to hosting.

  1. Shared hosting.

    Your website will be hosted on shared host server. it can be a Linux machine or windows machine
    based on your requirement. You will be given web and ftp interface to upload the data and
    configure your IIS or SQL server.
    Your web will reside on this host along with others and you guys will share the space of that server.
    The hosting charges ranges from $4 to $6 per month based on your subscription or plan for years.
    What is shared hosting is better explained in below post
    Shared web hosting
  2. Dedicated hosting.
    The hosting provider will give you one dedicated machine on bank of server or rack.
    It can be a windows machine or Linux or centos as per your requirement. You can customize the
    configuration as per your application need. web hosting providers

Let’s categories the post in section.

  1. Software Developer and Entrepreneurs.
    These people are smart enough to get best hosting provider and they know what they are doing.
    Still you are new to web hosting provider selection, follow below guidelines.

    Prepare the requirement of software you need to run application on server

    Your application may require IIS, Apache, Linux Cron Job, windows service, My SQL database,
    MS SQL database, oracle or Flash media server, ASP.net MVC and Silverlight application,
    .Net framework 2.0 or .Net framework 4.0. You just need to prepare the list of software requirement.
    Now, you need to know the limits of your application means the amount of memory required (RAM)
    and amount of Data storage required on server. You must know amount of traffic your application
    could serve and required bandwidth.

    What is web hosting bandwidth?

    Find the best hosting service provider and try to contact them. You may get live person to chat online
    or Open support request and ask your queries.

  2. Student
    You might have developed web application for your project in ASP.net or PHP.
    There are so many free web hosting provider where you can launch demo application.
    Try to search one which suites your application requirement.

  3. Teacher
    Many of you guys want to host the personal blog. Instead of buying the space and maintaining the server
    Use www.blogspot.com for free. You must have Google account to use this service.
    For hosting your videos I recommend www.YouTube.com
    How to create your blog web site is will explained here.
    How to create blog

What is web hosting provider and domain name provider

Domain name is the URL of the website. You need to purchase it separately.
You can purchase the domain from x domain name provider and if you wish, you can transfer it to other
domain name provider. you can buy bulk number of domains and sell. Some domain name provider
gives hosting space for web applications along with domain.
You can purchase domain name and point the DNS to blogSpot free hosting blogging account in very simple steps.

You might be having free blog hosted at blogspot.com like http://satalaj.blogspot.com
and domain name www.satalaj.com . The if you click on satalaj.blogspot.com, you will be redirected to
www.satalaj.com because I have changed hosting dns of www.satalaj.com to satalaj.blogspot.com.

Hosting provider: It is already explained above.


If your business is in India, there is no point to locate the Hosting server in US. Choose local hosting providers. Also, if you are targeting the customers across India only then think about purchasing top level domain as .in when your website URL name ends with .in Google ranks the content of your page for Indian users. This way you can save bandwidth consumption by unnecessary visits from other countries.

Domain specific Email ID

You may get the configurable email address for your domain for free. But the space or bandwidth allotted
for those email accounts is very less. Fortunately you can configure it with GMail hosting and forget about the 
space provided by hosting providers. Use Gmail unlimited space for free. Get the benefit of Google products.


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