Web hosting bandwidth

Web hosting bandwidth

Many people don’t know this term when it comes to limited bandwidth or
unlimited bandwidth. Here I will explain what is bandwidth.
You might come across the hosting provider site who are telling
about purchase plans for your application hosting.

Suppose that xyz hosting provider is telling you they provide 2GB of bandwidth for 1 month and
fox x amount. Meaning is that, if you upload 1GB video file on server and it gets downloaded by 3 users,
total bandwidth used would be 4GB. As your hosting package provides 2GB bandwidth for 1 month
and you are exciding the allocated bandwidth limit. As soon as you reached your allocated bandwidth
limit you would no more be able to use your web without upgrading the plan or without paying extra.
It’s better to go for unlimited bandwidth usage plan. Because you might be on vacation or slipping
and founds that your allocated bandwidth limit reached and your web site went down.

It’s not limited to video file upload download it also involves FTP file upload download.
Suppose your web page size is 1MB including images,CSS and script file and it is viewed by 2000 users
per day. You will go Off because you excided the allocated bandwidth limit of 2GB.

As you are paying for the amount of bandwidth used, it’s better to calculate amount of bandwidth required.
It is better to choose unlimited bandwidth plan for hosting. 
webhosting bandwidth

There are various plans available with windows or Linux OS. You really needs to know the limit and save money.

Before selecting hosting plan you must consider the bandwidth utilization and software required.
Use compression before flushing the data across the network. Choose right hosting software for right application.


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