What is the purpose of virtual keyboard on bank websites

What is the purpose of virtual keyboard on bank websites

You might have seen many bank websites are enabled with virtual keyboard. In this article we will see the use of virtual keyboard and how it secures your password and account details. We will also see other techniques which will help you to prevent password being shared.

What is key loggers

There are two types of key loggers available in the market.

  1. Software key logger
  2. Hardware key logger


Software key logger

It is hidden application running on computer as a background process. When you press any key, it logs entry of it without notifying you. That's how it monitors your all online and offline activities. As soon you get connected to internet it sends those log file to detonation email address. Probably to un authorized email address or to hackers.

Hardware key logger

In case of software key loggers, you can find background running process and kill it. Even some anti viruses can also block those processes. However, scenario is different in case of hardware key loggers. Anti viruses can't detect such type of hardware. In this case as soon as you type your all key stokes get recorded in USB dongle or to key board connector. It is widely used in cyber cafes. Fortunately, you will learn trick to fool such key loggers by reading this article.

Hardware key logger

Why virtual keyboard on banks account

As you know how your keystrokes can be monitored, if you are login to bank using such infected machine, you are giving credentials to hackers and bank want not be responsible for those transactions. How to secure your password is responsibility of you not banks. Here I will teach you how to type password securely.

Virtual Key board

In windows PC, you know there is virtual keyword. Open it and use mouse to type your sensitive credential information while login to bank. for more information visit How to use virtual key board It will prevent key logs by malicious software and hardware.

My trick of typing password

Trick is very simple. The Key loggers store the key strokes in sequence. Suppose that my real password is Qw!rtP. Lets see how I will type it.

  1. First I will type random letters say: rt
  2. Key logger logged this entry as rt
  3. Then I will position cursor using Mouse at the start of rt: rt
  4. and type first 3 letters of my password Qw!
  5. Now, key logger knows my password as rtQw!
  6. Again, I will position the mouse at the end and type P
  7. Now, key logger knows my password as rtQw!P

This way intended website knows your correct password as Qw!rtP and Key logger know it as   rtQw!P

Using my technique of typing password you can randomly generate many passwords that will really fool all type of key loggers

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Watch how to type password securely

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