What is web garden in Asp.net?

What is web garden in Asp.net?

Is it asked in asp.net interview? To answer it make sure you know it. The first thing that you need to know is Application pool in IIS and worker process. Below is short description about web garden in IIS.

When you create application pool in IIS, it has only one worker process by default to serve the request. Once you add multiple worker process to any asp.net application pool it becomes web garden. when you assign such a application pool containing multiple worker process to website. Your web gets served by webgarden.

Steps to make web garden working for your web application:

  1. You need to mark classes as Serializable because objects needs to cross the boundaries of worker process.
  2. Store session in MS SQL Server or use State server.

If you don’t keep the session out of worker process, there are chances to get request server by other process where session of user doesn’t exist. It’s hard for you to know the reason why session gets expired before the expiration time set in web.config.

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Asp.net process model.

Session objects expired on production machine

This is something you must know whether you are preparing for interview or making high performance asp.net.

To develop high performance asp.net application follow below link.
Know more about asynchronous asp.net pages and it’s benefit.

 Asynchronous asp.net pages

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