Windows Mobile 6.0 Deep Dive

Windows Mobile 6.0 Deep Dive

  Last monday 22/06/2009 we the team underwent through Windows mobile training session held at new Delhi.
 It was great with Mr. Amol Vaidhya training instructor.

Some cool features we had learned from these sessions are.

1. Global positioning system. GPS.
2. ActiveSync.
3. Performance optimisation and best practices.

  GPS programming using windows mobile SDK 6.0 and Microsoft visual studio 2008  is awasome.
Here you don;t need to write lines of code to get the Longitude latitude and other stuff.
Just instantiate an object of GPS and call the methods in it. 

 One can integrate this GPS functionality with direct GPS signalas coming from satellite or GPS Signals coming from your SIM Service providers.

   Also to send SMS you donl;t need to write bunch of code. Its too simple like creating an object and pass the parameters like mobile number and message.
The emulators shown during the labe which simulates the real scenario are fentastic. you can find the fake GPS utility in your windows 6.0 SDK tools. .



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