Yahoo email settings

Yahoo email settings

  You can configure yahoo email account in outlook or Microsoft Exchange or mobile client.
Yahoo provides web interface to configure POP and SMTP services.
It allows to integrate your third party email client.

Configuration settings explained below will help you read or send Yahoo email using mobile device.

How to enable yahoo email client.

1. Login to yahoo email and click on options then Mail Options menu.


2. POP & Forwarding.
   You need to enable POP by selecting Allow your Yahoo! Mail to be POPed.
Click on Save changes.

3.In your email client (Mobile or outlook or any other third party client) configure. 

   Incoming emails server POP settings.

POP server:
Use: SSL (server requires a secure connection (SSL))
Port: 995

   Outgoing mail server SMTP settings.

SMTP server:
Use: SSL (server requires a secure connection (SSL))
Port: 465

4. Use your yahoo name or yahoo email address and password for authentication.

Remarks: The port numbers might have blocked by your ISP or firewall settings on your
network or windows firewall or antivirus on your computer.
To ensure that you are able to open connection with yahoo server follow below steps.

Open command prompt. and type

Telnet 995
press enter to execute command.

telnet pop smtp email server 

You will see blank screen. This indicates that you are successfully connected to yahoo server.
In case the ports are blocked or internet not available you will get below message

Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 995: Connect failed.

Telnet in windows 7

On windows 7 operating system you need to enable Telnet manually be following below steps

  1. Click on Start
  2. Click on Control Panel
  3. Top left corner of dialogue box shows Programs And Features, click on it.
  4. Make sure that Telnet Client check box is checked.

After enabling the telnet you can perform the steps explained in Remarks above.

Auto forward your Yahoo email to Gmail account or your company email account.

  1. Select Forward mail to following address and enter the email address where you would like 
    to read incoming email at Yahoo account. It can be your Gmail account or company email 
    account or hotmail email account.
  2. Click on Save Changes to enable the service.

Yahoo auto response

  1. You can schedule auto responses while you are on vacation from date to date.
  2. You can also setup special rules for emails coming from specified domains.
  3. Click on Options => Vacation Response => Save Changes.

Yahoo email Filters

This option allows you to filter incoming emails. You can directly get emails coming from
specified domain or user into specified folder.


Options => Filters => Add Filter => Add Filter rules> Save Changes.

Yahoo Spam

  1. Allows you to block email address
  2. Automatically send spam or suspected emails into spam folder.
  3. Empty spam folder at specified interval of time.
  4. Allow or block images to be rendered inside the email body.


Options => Spam => Spam Guard section => Block email address => Save Changes.

Yahoo Signature

You can set signature for every outgoing email from yahoo account.


Options => Signature => Show signature on all outgoing mail message => Save Changes.

Disposable Email Addresses

It will allow you to create temporary email address which you can dispose after use.
It is well explained here Temporary disposable email

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