YouTube Edit Video 500 Internal Server Error Highly Trained Monkeys

YouTube Edit Video 500 Internal Server Error Highly Trained Monkeys

500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, something went wrong.
A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

If you see them, show them this information:

This means you will never meet those highly trained monkeys to show that error information. The problem is at your end.


What you need to do is, clear cache and login to YouTube.

I have cleared browser cache and I’m able to edit my videos.

You may try other browser and see if it occurs there. Is there a same problem? Clear the cache and it will work there too.

How to clear cache?


  1. From menu go to Tools => Internet Options => Browsing history=> Delete.
  2. Select appropriate stuffs to delete.


  1. Menu => Tools => Options => Advanced => Network => Offline web content and user data => Clear Now.

Google Chrome

  1. Tools => Clear browsing data.


How To

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