YouTube Transcript File

YouTube Transcript File

Are you wondering, how to create transcript file for your video uploaded on YouTube? Well, you tube accept many file format as your video transcript.

Transcript is a file which contains From Time - To Time and text.

Here is an example of simplest ever TranScript.

00:00:00, 00:00:5
Hello, This is Satalaj and welcome to my website. 

00:00:05, 00:00:11 technology is supported by Microsoft. Are you programmer?

The first line will stay selected while playing in video for 5 second and next line would stay selected from 05 to 11 seconds.

The two time slots are separated by enter character.

Note: Always start new timeline at new line.

Below is my first HTML5 tutorials from beginners video and Transcript file.

YouTube Transcript example You can edit your video and navigate to Caption menu and upload your .SBV text file (TranScript file).
HTML5 is a new standard for web. You might have seen many websites 
are now moving new HTML5 technologies.

Almost all Google products like,orkut,Google Adsense,bloggers are now delivering HTML5 
content to the client.

You may want to identify which are those websites who are delevering
HTML5 content. For example, open and look at it's 
page source. You will first notice a element declare here is a doctype
which is simple html.

You don't need to specify dtd schema, because HTML5
is not derived from SGML.

Let's see why HTML5 comes into picture.
New features are based on HTML,CSS, dom and JavaScript.

It aims to reduce the need for the third party plugins like Flash, Silverlight and ActiveX control.
Better error handling mechanisam and more markup to replace scripting.

HTML5 is device independent. The development process is clearly visible
to the public. These are the aims of the HTML5 language.

There are introduction to the new element like canvas for 2D drawing
video and audio elements for media playback. Previously browser has to

support the browser, you need to download the flash player or silverlight plugins
to support these videos and audios.

Support for local storage, new content specific
elements like articles, footer, header, navbar and section.
New form controls like calender,color pallet, datetime, email and url.

Browser support.
Most modern browsers are supporting some of the elements of HTML5.
HTML5 is not fully standardized, none of the browser support all the features.
Let's start with your first HTML5 tutorial.

I will use Google chrome and Notepad++. Notepad++ you can download it from Google itself.
You just need to search and it's free.
To begin our first HTML5 we will declair here a doctype, as HTML
and here is your Head section end of head. 

So, we will start with HTML element end of HTML
head and then body slash body.

Inside this element we will say,"Welcome to HTML5 first tutorial".

Now, let's run this in Google chrome. 

This is how it looks.

You can view page source and it's doctype is html. In later tutorials 
we will discuss more about the new features of HTML5. Watch the next video. Thank you very much.

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