YouTube adsense

YouTube adsense

Many people are not aware of YouTube Ad Sense. Yes. you can generate extra revenue by posting
videos on YouTube. Once visitors watch your video for 10 seconds, YouTube channel starts showing 
advertise at the bottom of the video. How can you apply your video for revenue sharing?

To enable revenue sharing with YouTube, you must be having Google Ad sense account.  Connect your
Google Ad sense  account with YouTube. Your application for revenue sharing would get approved in 24Hrs.
If you don’t have Google Ad sense account, you can apply for it via YouTube. You should have at least 4-5
videos with view count 400 or 200. Your account has to be older than 2years and you had not published
any copyrighted content including TV programs or Movies or songs.

Approved users can see Monetization option just below the videos of My Video section. Click on Monetize and
fill the description like “This video doesn’t contain photography or art work of copy righted content ”.

If you keep publishing copy righted content, your account would be banned from YouTube revenue sharing

What topics should I broadcast?

  1. Screen casting:
    You can broadcast any “how to do” kind of stuff like changing settings of Software or Website.
    You need best screen casting software like Camtasi Studio. Record the screen cast and publish it
    on YouTube. The length of the video can be more than 15min or 10seconds. There is no length
    restriction for revenue sharing video. It can be 10second or more than 15min. Monetize the video
    and watch revenue at your Google Ad sense account. The revenue appears in your Google Ad Sense  
    account as “Hosted AdSense for Content”.

    For Ex.

  2. Even you can use your mobile phone camera to Capture video and broadcast it on YouTube.
  3. You can create interactive videos on YouTube. Interactive video consists of user actions.
    For Example.

Good News for Animators:

You can create Animated stories and publish it on YouTube. Who knows if it gets viral.

Share your video on Social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ etc..

Note: To be continued with Revenue sharing program, You must not publish any copyrighted content.

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