best pdf reader ipad

best pdf reader ipad

PDF Reader Pro Edition for iPAD.

The best PDF reader application for iPad should have below functions.

1. Search
2. Bookmark
3. Wifi and USB share
4. Full Screen Mode
5. Night Reading Mode
6. Organization Tool

Watch out for more information about the best app which is already on App store.


  1. PDF Expert: One of the nice feature of PDF expert software is annotation transfer back with PDF.
    Rating: 9/10
  2. FREE Readers: Fileapp or Cloudreader these are free PDF readers and clarity of text is very good.

    Rating: 9/10
  3. DocsToGo Pro: Its costly but its best
    Rating: 8/10
  4. GoodReader:  Rating: 10/10



  1. iAnnotate PDF: Highlight, underline and add notes, drwawing to your PDF.
  2. Rating: 9/10
  3. Air Sharing (Universal).
    Rating: 1/10.



best pdf reader for android


free pdf reader - Android Market

1. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader provides high quality, fast PDF viewing and interaction for your Android smartphones and tablets.


1. Continuous scroll
2. Fit to Screen
3. ReFlow Text

2. Beam Reader PDF Viewer

View PDF files and e-mail attachments in their desktop quality.
* Fast rendering
* Intuitive granular zoom and navigation
* Text wrap view mode
* Multi-touch and Pinch-to-zoom
* Encrypted password protected PDFs
* Text search
* Bookmarks
* Embedded links

BeamReader PDF Viewer ~ Android Application v1.2.0 By SLG Mobile, Inc. | Productivity


Mantano Reader watch demo

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