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String is set of Unicode Characters. system.String is alias for String.

String first = "Hello";
String Second = "World";

String Third = first + Second;




Escape sequence:

Prefix the string with @ sign if you wouldlike to use \ characters in string

String str = @"press back slash \ or new line \n";

or in VS 2010 you can write something like below.

String str = @"This is long string with multiple lines It is ok
to have it printed like this on next line
or code some ";

Double quote

To output string with double quote you can use forward slash ot quote

String str = "Mr. X said, \"Hellow, World \". " ;


Mr. X said, "Hellow, World ".

String is collectino of characters, you can iterate it like this also

string str = "Asp.net";

char c = str[4]





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