database in recovery

database in recovery

If database suddenly went in to in recovery mode, due to less available space for transaction, you can fire below query and bring it live

USE master

Simple Recovery
Simple Recovery allows the database to be recovered to the most recent backup.

Full Recovery
Full Recovery allows the database to be recovered to the point of failure.

Bulk-Logged Recovery
Bulk-Logged Recovery allows bulk-logged operations.


The shrink operation is not duplicated on the mirror database when you use database mirroring in SQL Server 2005database in recoveryDatabase mirroring is currently provided for evaluation purposes only and is not to be used in production environments To enable database mirroring for evaluation purposes use trace flag 1400 during startupHTML5 With DataBasebackup sql databaseSql Server MirroringConnection PoolingLinq to 2.0 step by step Membership Provider MS SQL server 2005 attach databse without ldf fileWhere is my IP location


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