how can I edit a pdf

how can I edit a pdf

How to edit PDF files or convert PDF files into word files? Its very simple using online tool provided by convertword2pdf.


1. You may want to edit your auto generated telephone or mobile phone bill  in pdf format.
    later you can submit it to your HR or account department for reimbursement.
2. convert your word file into PDF file.

Below is a link to online free software to make pdf files

Convert word to pdf - Convert word 2 pdf- word to pdf converter - doc to pdf

Fig. 1.

Convert PDF to  Word

As shown in fig.1. You need to open Convert PDF to word

convert pdf



1. Click on PDF to Word.
2. browse and upload your PDF file.
3. Click to download your PDF converted into word file.
4. Open your downloaded Word file into appropriate document editor.
5. Modify appropriate text inside that word file and save it as shown in fig.2..

modify word file 


6. As shown in Fig.3. Click on Word to PDF and upload the modified word file to convert it back to PDF.

Convert word to PDF

7. Click on Download PDF to start downloading of modified PDF file.


1. Its absolutely free online PDF to Word and word to PDF converter.
2. There is no need to provide your email address at any step.
3. Its very simple and fast to operate.
4. As you are not providing any email address for downloading of converted file, you
   don’t need to wait.
5. It’s real time, meaning is you don’t need to wait for anything.

There are other features like PDF to HTML or HTML to PDF.
Even you can convert your PDF into an image or Text to PDF.

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