How to change your IP

How to change your IP

After reading this short post you would be able to understand.

  1. What is IP address.
  2. Dynamic IP address VS Static IP address.
  3. Surf internet anonymously.
    Change your internet service provider IP address or Hide my IP address.
  4. Add IP address.
  5. Change IP address.
  6. What is Gateway IP address.  

What is IP address

IP is Internet Protocol. It is a number assigned to computer or networks.
The 4 numbers in IP address are separated by “.” character. Each of those are in range of
0 to 255. Here is an example that look like IP address and IP address can be a Static or Dynamic IP.

Dynamic IP address: Each time you access the internet, your internet service provider gives you one dynamic IP address. If you would like to see what is my ip address. You can click on link below.

What Is My IP Address? Lookup IP, Hide IP, Change IP, Trace IP and more...

Static IP address: You can tell your internet service provider to give you static IP address. So each time you access the internet you will get static IP address. You may need to pay extra to avail that service of static IP address. Once you get Static IP address, whenever you visit any website
you will be identified with your only one static IP address. If you are a freelancer, the client overseas may ask your static IP address to locate you as a real person. Below website will always
show you same Static IP address.

What Is My IP Address? Lookup IP, Hide IP, Change IP, Trace IP and more...

Hide my IP address

You can hide the IP address by browsing internet via proxy sites like
Hide My Ass! Free Proxy and Privacy Tools - Surf The Web Anonymously

You sent the request to third party web site and there server crawls the requested page.
This way your IP address remains hidden to the web site you are browsing.

You can also setup the proxy server inside the internet explorer or Fire Fox. How to setup
proxy server inside the browser is well explained in below URL
Facebook blocked

There are software which finds Free proxy servers IP addresses and port numbers. It can assign found proxy server into your Internet Explorer. You can do the same manually by finding the free proxy server list on the internet. Content Delivery network will help you.

Where do I need to change my dynamic IP address

If suppose you are downloading video files or software from internet site and after download you found that your IP address has been blocked for 20 min. In this situation you may would like to change the IP address or you can simply disconnect the IP internet and connect again.

Below technique shows how to change your local IP address.

  1. At bottom right corner of the desktop look at blinking network computers icon. Click on them to open Local Area Connection status as shown in Fig.1.
    network status icon
  2. Local Area Connection window shows default General Tab as shown in below figure.


  3. Click on Properties button to open Local Area Connection properties.
  4. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click on properties to open Internet Protocol
    properties as shown in below figure.
  5. The properties dialogue window shows advanced button click on it.

    Fig. 4.
  6. Advance TCP/IP settings would get opened.

    Fig. 5.
  7. Click on Add button of IP addresses section. Add IP address in TCPI/IP Address dialogue


    If the subnet mask is your network identity. If you add different subnet mask the other computers in network would not be able to ping that computer.
  8. Click OK to applied settings take effect. 
  9. Click on Support tab to see your current IP address. The default IP address is your Gateway IP from where you get an Internet connection. You can see the IP address of your computer.

    Fig. 7.

What is Gateway IP address

Another way to see current IP address of the computer.
Open command prompt and execute IPconfig command.


The default Gateway is nothing but the IP address of either modem or computer server in network from where you get internet connection.


Windows Vista Change IP address

Watch the video below to change IP address using windows vista operating system.

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