how to open a blog website

how to open a blog website

Many people are interested to open their own blog website. There are many ways to open blog like website.
I will show you very simple to quite difficult ways to open your own blog website.
Note:  Creating your own blog website doesn’t required you to be a technical person.

Open Blog account using Google account

Google account can be used to login at below URL. Free blog accounts.

Blogger: Create your free Blog

Login to blogger website. It provides web interface to let you create new blog.
Click on image  button. Create a new blog pop-in will appear on screen.

  1. Title Enter the name of your blog ex. “your name’s blog. ”.
  2. Blog Address: This is the web address of your blog. Suppose you entered “Satalaj”,
    then your blog address would be
    The name and address of blog should be relative to your AIM of blog.
  3. Choose the blog Templates. There are number of available blog templates. Even you can create your
    own blog template using little knowledge of HTML or you can download and modify the existing blog
  4. Click on Create blog button. Now, you have successfully created the first blog.

blog dashboard

  1. Blog Post You are ready to post on your blog. As shown in above figure I have created Digital web log. is the web address of my blog.
  2. Click on Start posting or Start blogging by selecting blog from blog list.
    start blog
  3. Add post title or page title of your blog. In compose area write your actual content.
  4. Click on Publish button and watch your live blog by opening blog address in new window of browser.
    in my case it is
  5. You can also edit, view or Delete the blog post.
  6. Click on add new post to existing blog or create new blog.
  7. It is advisable to create only one blog as it is easier to manage and maintain.
  8. You can crate as many as blog you want.
  9. Create categories and publish appropriate post to the categories.
  10. Add Keywords and descriptions inside the blog post for SEO(Search engine optimization) optimization.

Word press blog

It is very popular and one of the best blogging portal. You need to create new account at

Blog with your own domain name.

Hosting provider Purchase space and domain name from a hosting provider. They will
give you space and domain around $4 per month or less than that.  There are many hosting services available in
the market. You can choose the one which suites the requirement.

You can download the free or website and install it on
your website.

Note: To be a successful blogger don’t copy paste the efforts of other authors. If you do that, your quality of
blog posts get degraded. Always post original content.

Side by side you can train your self about HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

Make sure that the blog post contains minimum 500 words. Try to add videos and images in the post.

How to monitor visitors to my web site or blog

I have already posted the how is it is to monitor visitors to your site offline and real time.
You can refer below URL for more details.

  1. Deep dive inside Google analytics How to use Google analytics
  2. Live traffic monitoring live web traffic

How to generate traffic on blog or website

First get enough confidence that you are getting visitors and you can post the best on your blog.
Create Site map of the blog and submit it to major search engines.
You can use webmaster tools and

The next post will show you how to earn money while blogging.


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