how to purchase online

how to purchase online

First thing Don’t be in hurry.

Every day millions of people use internet to buy online stuffs. Here I will show you how to avoid becoming next victim of online fraud. You are just one click away to become next victim. There are so many cases where
people are victim of online frauds.

Ways to buy online

People use below transaction services.

  1. Credit Card.
  2. Debit Card.
  3. Services like PayPal.
  4. Your bank account.

Above services transfers money from your account to Merchant’s account. In case of PayPal services if you don’t get the stuff from merchant to whom you paid, you can open a dispute case by contacting to PayPal support team.
PayPal will help you to get your money back after mutual understanding between you and merchant. PayPal is
most loved and secure way of online transaction around the world. Same way you can file dispute case against
your online transaction providers.

How to identify Merchant

You must go through merchant website. Get as much as information about the merchant from their website. Find
out whom to contact and are they responsive in case you are in trouble?

One way to reach merchant contact information is copy their URL. Open paste the URL inside
and get the information about their website. It will give you below information.

  1. Registration and expiry date of website.
  2. Administrative contact information.
  3. Phone numbers and email address.
  4. Name and Address.

Where to Trust
Open Google or Facebook and find out the reviews shared by others or your friends who purchased on that
website. Once you found that the merchant from whom you are purchasing is trustworthy, Contact them.

  1. Ask your queries no matter how stupid it may be.
  2. Dial their toll free number or desk number or contact their sells representative.
  3. In case you are shopping clothes online. Ask them if the goods sold by you are not appropriate or
    not in good quality can I return it and get my money?
  4. Do you provide money back guarantee?
  5. What action should I perform if I get damaged products from you?

If you are satisfied with the answers given by their representative, its a green signal to buy.

Get Safe Online :: Shop online safely

On social networking sites like Facebook you may get fake groups of users who promotes fake Goods or services.
Where to trust is up to you. Always prefer to call merchant support team. Get reviews about site on search engine.

Keywords “Scam URL address of merchant”

Some Tips.

  1. Never use cyber cafes for online transactions. Their might be a risk of Spyware software actively tracking
    and logging your internet activities.
  2. Use Latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox or other browsers.
  3. If you are using Internet Explorer, open merchant site in Private Browsing mode.
    How to open internet in Private browsing Mode? press  below keys simultaneously.
    Ctrl+Shift+P or click on Tools => In private browsing.
  4. Remove temporary internet files and cookies before and after the use of online transaction.
  5. Make sure the Https:// protocol is inside the address bar of URL without any warning or error.
  6. Never post the information via Http:// protocol as it transfer plain information across the networks and
    there is possibility of getting information in wrong hands without knowing it to you.
  7. Prefer to buy from shops. You may get discount and you can bargain there using bargaining skills.
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