how to remove Google Chrome

how to remove Google Chrome


Remove Google chrome

There might be many reasons you want to remove the Google Chrome browser from your windows.
You want to make other browser as a default browser. The Google Chrome is performing badly or crashes
while browsing the web. You may found suspected plug-in install on it. There are so many reasons you would
like to remove the Google browser.
A very simple way is, navigate through
program Files => Google Chrome=> Uninstall Google Chrome

Google chrome uninstall 

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Click on Add/Remove icon
  3. Scroll the List of currently installed programs
  4. Find Google Chrome and hit the Remove button.
  5. Finish the process of Uninstall wizard.

If above method fails to uninstall Google chrome, follow below link.

Manually uninstall Google Chrome in Windows - Google Chrome Help

This way you can manually uninstall Google chrome browser from Windows XP or Vista
operating systems.

how to remove Google Redirect virus

Actually it applies to all browser when you are trying to browse the web you get redirected to different
website which is not expected. The malware simply changes the DNS of your computer.
What should I do in that case. Antivirus is not enough to stop such activities. You may install software like  
Watch Dog. It will keep you warning about the sensitive files like Hosts file or windows registry. When you accepts
the changes made by virus or third party software then and then you would be able to install the requested stuffs
on your computer.Well, that's not a concern of this post.
The Hosts file located at $:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
where, $ a root drive on which windows is installed. You can delete the unknown entries from it or
Delete the entire host file.

You may have direct internet access without any proxy and malware updated the proxy settings of your browser
Make sure the proxy box is unchecked.

The next post will show you how to make or remove the default browser. So, whenever you open offline content
the default browser will open those pages.

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