Learn Linq Step By Step

Learn Linq Step By Step

LINQ is language integrated query. Below are simple example of LINQ expression and syntax. We will query an array of string.

  1. Linq Chapter 1 – Split string to list of strings.
  2. Linq Chapter 2 – Remove duplicates from list.
  3. Linq Chapter 3 – Linq Where Clause.
  4. Linq Chapter 4 – Linq Group by multiple clause.
  5. Linq Chapter 5 – Linq Inner Join query.
  6. Linq Chapter 6 – Linq Distinct list.
  7. Linq Chapter 7 – Linq OfType Method.

All above chapters are enough for beginners to learn and understand Linq query.

Apart from above examples. I recommend you to download LinqPAD. It’s third party free software tool. You can write Linq query and see underlined SQL statements generated by your Linq query.


//Create an array of Strings

string[] arr = "A,B,C,D,E,F,U,X,Y,Z".Split(",".ToCharArray()); 
//Populate listbox with array of strings

ListBox1.DataSource = arr; 

//Bind array of strings to Listbox


//Using linq syntex we will query an array of strings and find the word "S"  and "M"

var query = from alphabet in arr 
                    where (alphabet == "S" || alphabet == "M") 

                    select alphabet  ;  
                   // A query body must end with a select clause or a group clause 

foreach(var alpha in query) 

Response.Write(alpha+" ");   //Write the word found.


Linq Where extension.

System.Linq.Enumerable has a extension method called where.

(new[] {"Ram", "Sham", "Gopal","Mahesh"} ).Where (n => n.Length >= 4)

Inside of the where expression you can see "n => n.Length >=4", It is read as "n goes to n.length greater than or equal to 4". The operator => is read as "Goes to". It's a lambda expression. We are expecting to get result of array containing elements with length greater than or equal to 4.


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