live web traffic

live web traffic

You want to monitor the live web traffic. There are plenty of widgets available in the market that you can easily plug into websites or webpage. Here we will look at top website monitoring tools. Google analytics

How to use Google analytics Though Google analytics is most loved and used product, it doesn’t gives reports in real time. In below tools we will track the activity of visitors as soon as it happens on your web site. Feed JIT Updating In Real time. Its absolutely free online tool.

Example Feedjit Live - Updating in real-time You can see live traffic of this website by clicking on above URL. I’m using FeedJIT since last couple of years and my web site never suffered page slow issues due to third party Plug-in on my website. FeedJIT Dashboard

How to understand the FeedJIT (icons) meaning.

arrival This icon indicates that the visitor arrived on your website.

Country Country Icon shows visitors country.

Browser What type of Browser used by Visitor.

image Visitor Operating System.

image Referring website favicon. From where visitors arrived.

Click here to know what is Favicon?

image Departure: Visitor leaving on which website or out bound link.

It also shows which search string visitor used inside Google or Bing or Yahoo before arriving to your website.

How to get FeedJIT widget?

Just click on below link and generate code for you. Get a Rush of Visitors Provide the URL of your website or blog to monitor the visitors in real time. It will give you a Code and you need to paste it inside of your website template. The code is in HTML format so place that code inside the page or in template. In real time dashboard of FeedJIT you can see last 50 activities on your site.

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