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Online html editor online JavaScript editor

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Though there are many online editors available for HTML and javascript (code editors) I would specially like to mention the best which I have come across. To start with its a completely free online editor for html and javascript. Free editors is something we all are always on the look out for. 
The name of this editor is JSFiddle Here is the link --->

The main purpose why we usually tend to use online editors is that we want to reduce to effort for setting up the entire HTML just for trying out or testing some piece of code. Say for example I need to test how a particular piece of javascript code behaves in differnet browsers. This online editor not only allows you to change html and javascript but also CSS.  Now thats awesome! and the best part its a free online editor!

The main screen is distributed into 4 equal sections.

  • HTML
  • CSS

As all the sections are visible in one view it becomes very easy to use and check results immediately.

The one thing I was impressed by the most is the option to select the versions of Jquery you wish to choose, also many othert features like Tidy, JsLint and Normalizes CSS. I feel this is an awesome and must use for developers when it comes to online editing ot text editing of javascript, Html and css. Just one small drawback for me was the lack of intellisense.

But overall I'd still recommend this editor! :) 


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