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To remove android applications from touchpad or mobile device, you need to follow below steps. Millions of applications are available on Android market internet service. You need to login using Google credentials to download and install.

After installation of application or games, you may don't like it may be due to poor performance of any other reason. Here is how you can remove those unwanted applications which consumed your memory.

Android Settings

1. Press home button of Android device to open menu controls and settings.

2. Find Settings icon and open it. Settings looks like a gear symbol.

3. There are so many settings available for your device. Touch the Applications item.

4. It will open application settings, touch the manage applications item.

5. The first tab displays all downloaded applications. Touch the application which you would like to manage or remove.

6. At Application information page, you can touch the uninstall button and remove all data related to that application.

7. You may require to forcefully stop the running application or kill it using task manager.

That's it, you have successfully uninstalled the application or plug-in or internet application.


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