Tata Sky HD

Tata Sky HD

  Top reasons for not buying or replacing Tata Sky with Tata Sky HD.
1. As shown in fig. a. at top right corner you can see promotional advertise to buy or view press red button of your remote.
After pressing it consumes almost 60 seconds to come back to your channel.

Fig. a.

2. Some times the bottom banner never goes off or keeps popping up.

3. It promotes messages on your TV screen and you need to press yellow button on your screen to disappear.
It almost consumes 2 minutes.

4. Some times you will see message like 008AH6 in blue background and it will continue on all channels.

5. The processing speed is very poor.

6. You need to watch blue screen on un-subscribed channels while browsing through the channels

7. Very few channels you can add into favorite.

8. Very bad experience with customer care (They try to fool the customer ex. For occurrence of promotional messaging advertise like press red button, they blame the channels not Tata Sky service.)

9. You would never be informed about deduction of account balance.

I asked the customer care and all those Tata sky nonsense services presents there too.

So never go for Tata Sky HD, even if they wish to replace your Tata Sky with Tata Sky HD.


I have very bad experience of using Tata Sky service and definitely you will also suffer the same.
Remember I paid for the band width used by this post.


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