What Is Dumprep

What Is Dumprep

Dumprep.exe is not a virus. but, it consumes lots of CPU and memory usage.
It is a service used by windows operating system to report the
system failure errors. Those reports can later be sent to Microsoft.

Dumprep.exe cpu usage:

task manager

You may come across the situations where you tried to kill the process by pressing (Alt+Ctrl+Del)
and unfortunately the task manager took lots of time to open non responding programs.
As shown in Fig.1. you can see Dumprep.exe high CPU utilization which causes that delay for
killing not Responding tasks.

You can disable Dump Reporting unwanted feature by following below steps.

1. Right click on My Computer icon (not desktop shortcut icon) then click on properties.
    It will open System Properties dialogue box.
2. Click on Advanced tab as shown in Fig.2. 
3. Click on Error Reporting button found at bottom right corner.
4. In Error Reporting Dialogue box select Disable Error Reporting and click OK.

my computer properties

Now, experience the magical performance boost thanks me later.
This is one of the reason why your windows runs slow.

Details of services

1. Click on Start => Run. (Fig.3.)
2. Type Services.msc top open services console.


From services dialogue you can right click on appropriate service and Start or Stop.
Right click on properties of service to disable automatic start of service at startup of your computer.


Note: Disabling the services without knowing its purpose may casue your system to crash or dependent services may fail or stop responding.




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